Grupo Fantasma American Music: Vol. VII

Released March 2019

Austin’s Grupo Fantasma enters their 19th year as a band with an exciting new record and a fresh take on their unique sound. With six previous albums in their back catalog, plus collaborations and backing gigs with the likes of Prince, Spoon and Los Lobos, not to mention a GRAMMY award and a loyal fan base, they are ready to turn people’s heads again with American Music: Vol. VII (Blue Corn Music). Read more.

The result is a joyfully (rather than defiantly) diverse explosion of musical colors, and while this album finds them essaying political statements a bit more explicitly than they have in the past, the overall flavor is one of exuberant happiness. This may be the best party album of the year so far.
— CD Hotlist

Noisey en Español premieres video for ‘The Wall’



“In the group's 19th year together, this Grammy winning nine-piece is at the crux of Austin's Latin music scene, with a groovy discipline that's equally fun and impressive. — Jack Anderson, KUTXlink here


Billboard Premieres Album Single ‘The Wall’

Members of Ozomatli and Locos Por Juana join in to make a statement on the American-Mexican border

The first single on American Music: Vol. VII (Blue Corn Music) is out! Receiving its debut via Billboard, ‘The Wall’ takes on the contentious border wall debate advocated by the Trump administration. Guitarist Beto Martinez is originally from Laredo on the American-Mexican border, and told Billboard, "We've always sort of written about good times and music and dancing and that sort of thing. But I think we couldn't escape what's happening around us right now considering our circumstances and our location in the world and some of our backgrounds and what we represent. I don't think we could escape it if we tried."

Billboard premiere here.

Song lyrics here.